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Lorena Legarreta | Texan | Hospitality Entrepreneur | Mexico City Travel

Episode Summary

Lorena Legarreta, a hospitality entrepreneur, was born in El Paso and raised along the Texas border. She considers herself a multigenerational Texan, celebrating both American and Mexican traditions and culture. Lorena shares her favorite memories of cooking with her abuelita, a restaurant owner, and the Arroz con Leche experience. Lorena takes us to Mexico City and the nearby mercados de artesanias, while she shares her passion to increase the representation of women in the culinary industry.

Episode Notes

Meet Lorena Legarreta, a multigenerational Texan, hospitality entrepreneur, and a Latina in America. She is passionate about increasing representation of women in the hospitality industry and sharing the stories of Latina leaders in America. Join us as Lorena takes us to her journey of growing up on the Texas-Mexico border, her abuelita cooking, and her latest business venture. 

Time Stamp:

[00:00:12] – Introduction to Latina In America

[00:00:48] – Meet Lorena 

[00:02:53] – Cultural Identity & Heritage

[00:04:19] – Favorite Memories: Cooking with abuelita, kitchen setting, and el Arroz con Leche experice.

[00:10:04] – Texas to California and the beginning of her carrer journey.

[00:14:13] – Her new venture: Uniquely flavorful ice cream sandwiches with a "chunk" or centered flavor bombs in it. 

[00:17:58] – Failing on your way to success.

[00:19:44] – The importance of travel, and travel experiences to Mexico City and nearby artesans.

[00:21:16] – Advice for Latina women.


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