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Episode Summary

Natalie Marino, founder and CEO of The Latina Techie, joins us to discuss her mission to empower Latina women in finding their voice in the STEM industry. Through her consulting program, Natalie is helping young girls and women step into the world of technology and become tech-savvy individuals. Learn about her journey as a mentor, how she guides Latina women navigate their entrepreneurial capacity, and her goal to create a more diverse and well-represented tech sector. From California to South Florida to the Caribbean, her life story is inspirational and motivational.

Episode Notes

Natalie’s mission is to ensure that the future of STEM is brilliantly diverse and celebrated. She has a strong background in business, operational and technical requirements, and is also known for being a life-transforming mentor. Through her mentorship program at The Latina Techie, Natalie is helping raise awareness among young girls to start and pivot their work in technology. Her goal is to help and enable women to carve out a place for themselves in the STEM sector and to open doors for other women and young girls. Natalie wants her clients to focus on the opportunities they can seize to advance personally and earn a place at the decision-making table.

We talk about:

1.  How Natalie Marino navigated pivoting her career  to technology during the 2008 financial crisis.

 2. What advice she has on how transfer knowledge from your current position to a technology role in any industry. 

3. How Natalie created her own event, "A Seat at Her Table," to empower and educate Latinas. 

4. Her journey from California to South Florida to the Caribbean, places that influenced her upbringing and inspired her to travel all over the world.

Follow your heart and create your seat at the table with The Latina Techie.


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